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Nautobot Apps Overview

To view and search the full list of Apps, head over to the Nautobot App Ecosystem Page on Below you will only find links to the documentation for the apps listed in the table.

Community-Developed Nautobot Apps

Find out more about what documentation is available for the various community developed Nautobot Apps by visiting the Community Apps page.

Network to Code Nautobot Apps

These Nautobot Apps have their documentation hosted as a subproject of this docs site and they are built and structured according to the Network To Code documentation standards.

App Name Description
Logo Nautobot ChatOps Add chatbot functionality to Nautobot to facilitate getting data from Nautobot directly from a chat platform. The ChatOps app is a multi-platform chatbot for network operations and engineering teams. It is built to seamlessly work across Slack, MS Teams, WebEx Teams, and Mattermost, but also as a framework to help developers add more chat platforms in the future.
Logo Nautobot Data Validation Engine Create custom, user-defined validation rules that can be used to enforce business constraints on the data within Nautobot.
Logo Nautobot Device Lifecycle Management Make related associations to Devices, Device Types, and Inventory Items to help provide data about the hardware end of life notices, appropriate software versions to be running on the devices, and the maintenance contracts associated with devices.
Logo Nautobot Device Onboarding Simplify the onboarding process of a new device by allowing the user to specify a small amount of info and having the App populate a much larger amount of device data in Nautobot.
Logo Nautobot Firewall Models Construct firewall policies in Nautobot with the help of the provided collection of relevant models.
Logo Nautobot Golden Configuration Automate configuration backups, perform configuration compliance, and generate intended configurations.
Logo Nautobot Plugin Nornir Provides a small shim layer between nornir-nautobot and other plugins. The primary abilities that the plugin provides are a native Nornir ORM based inventory and a credential manager.
Logo Nautobot Single Source of Truth (SSoT) Integrate and synchronize data between various "source of truth" (SoT) systems, with Nautobot acting as a central clearinghouse for data - a Single Source of Truth