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Power Outlets

Power outlets represent the outlets on a power distribution unit (PDU) or other device that supply power to dependent devices. Each power port may be assigned a physical type, and may be associated with a specific feed leg (where three-phase power is used) and/or a specific upstream power port. This association can be used to model the distribution of power within a device.

For example, imagine a PDU with one power port which draws from a three-phase feed and 48 power outlets arranged into three banks of 16 outlets each. Outlets 1-16 would be associated with leg A on the port, and outlets 17-32 and 33-48 would be associated with legs B and C, respectively.

Cables can connect power outlets only to downstream power ports. (Pass-through ports cannot be used to model power distribution.)

Added in version 1.4.5

The fields created and last_updated were added to all device component models. If you upgraded from Nautobot 1.4.4 or earlier, the values for these fields will default to None (null).

Example Power Topology

Power distribution model