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Adding Navigation Menu Items

Apps can extend the existing navigation bar layout. By default, Nautobot looks for a menu_items list inside of (This can be overridden by setting menu_items to a custom value on the app's NautobotAppConfig.)

Using a key and weight system, a developer can integrate the app's menu additions amongst existing menu tabs, groups, and items.

More documentation and examples can be found in the Navigation Menu guide.


To reduce the amount of clutter in the navigation menu, if your app provides an "app configuration" view, we recommend linking it from the main "Installed Apps" page rather than adding it as a separate item in the navigation menu.

Similarly, if your app provides an "app home" or "dashboard" view, consider linking it from the "Installed Apps" page, and/or adding a link from the Nautobot home page (see below), rather than adding it to the navigation menu.