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Adding Links to the Installed Apps View

Added in version 1.2.0

It's common for many apps to provide an "app configuration" view used for interactive configuration of aspects of the app that don't necessarily need to be managed by a system administrator via PLUGINS_CONFIG. The NautobotAppConfig setting of config_view_name lets you provide the URL pattern name defined for this view, which will then be accessible via a button on the Apps -> Installed Apps UI view.

For example, if the animal_sounds app provides a configuration view, which is set up in as follows:

from django.urls import path

from . import views

urlpatterns = [
    path("/configuration/", views.AnimalSoundsConfigView.as_view(), name="config"),

then in your AnimalSoundsConfig you could refer to the view by name:

from nautobot.apps import NautobotAppConfig

class AnimalSoundsConfig(NautobotAppConfig):
    # ...
    config_view_name = "plugins:animal_sounds:config"

config = AnimalSoundsConfig

and now the "Configuration" button that appears in the Installed Apps table next to "Animal Sounds" will be a link to your configuration view.

Similarly, if your app provides an "app home" or "dashboard" view, you can provide a link for the "Home" button in the Installed Apps table by defining home_view_name on your NautobotAppConfig class. This can also be done for documentation by defining docs_view_name on your NautobotAppConfig class.