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  1. Narrowly defined role models including dcim.DeviceRole, dcim.RackRole and ipam.Role are replaced by a generic extras.Role model.
  2. If any of your models are using the replaced role models, it is required for you to remove the role field from your model and add either nautobot.extras.models.roles.RoleModelMixin or nautobot.extras.models.roles.RoleRequiredRoleModelMixin to your model class definition. RoleModelMixin adds a nullable role field whereas RoleRequiredRoleModelMixin adds a required role field.
  3. Please go here to check out how the extras.Role model works in v2.0.

Job Model Changes

See details about the fundamental changes to Job Model here

Job Logging Changes

  1. Job logging is now handled by a logger off the Job itself and has a function for each level to send the message (info, warning, debug, etc).
  2. JobResult.log no longer accepts a logger arg and app/job authors should transition to using the Job's logger methods instead of directly calling JobResult.log.
  3. There is no longer a log_success or log_failure function. Checkout the changes in detail here

JobResult Model Changes

JobResult no longer needs a job_id, user, or obj_type passed to it. It now needs a name, task_name, and a worker. See here for details.

Update CustomField, ComputedField, and Relationship

  1. In accordance with the removal of slug field in Nautobot v2.0, CustomField, ComputeField and Relationship's slug field is replaced by the key field which contains a GraphQL-safe string that is used exclusively in the API and GraphQL.
  2. Removed name field from CustomField model and renamed name field to label on Relationship model.
  3. Their label fields are now used for display purposes only in the UI.
  4. Please go to their respective documentations for more information CustomField, ComputedField, and Relationship.