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Healthcheck Endpoint

Nautobot includes a health check endpoint /health which utilizes the django-health-check project and some custom health checks (database connection and cache availability). This endpoint is designed for use by an optional load balancer placed in front of Nautobot to determine the health of the Nautobot application server. By default the health check enables checks for the following:

  • Database Backend
  • Caching Backend
  • Storage Backend

In addition to exposing a health check URL the nautobot-server utility also provides a health_check management command which provides the same information as the web interface.

Additional health checks are available as part of the django-health-check project and can be added to the EXTRA_INSTALLED_APPS configuration variable as desired. The Nautobot server is healthy if the HTTP response is 200 from a GET request to /health, a web UI is also available at the same endpoint for human consumption.