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Power Feed

A power feed represents the distribution of power from a power panel to a particular device, typically a power distribution unit (PDU). The power port (inlet) on a device can be connected via a cable to a power feed. A power feed may optionally be assigned to a rack to allow more easily tracking the distribution of power among racks.

Each power feed is assigned an operational type (primary or redundant) and a status. The following statuses are available by default:

  • Offline
  • Active
  • Planned
  • Failed

Each power feed also defines the electrical characteristics of the circuit which it represents. These include the following:

  • Supply type (AC or DC)
  • Phase (single or three-phase)
  • Voltage
  • Amperage
  • Maximum utilization (percentage)


The power utilization of a rack is calculated when one or more power feeds are assigned to the rack and connected to devices that draw power.

Example Power Topology

Power distribution model