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Adding Database Backed Config

Added in version 2.0.0

Apps can define settings that will be stored in the Database Backend through Django Constance. All of the standard Django Constance types are supported. A Constance Fieldset will automatically be created for your App. We have added the ConstanceConfigItem namedtuple to assist in the configurations.

from nautobot.apps import ConstanceConfigItem, NautobotAppConfig

class AnimalSoundsConfig(NautobotAppConfig):
    # ...
    constance_config = {
        'DOG_SOUND': ConstanceConfigItem(default='woof', help_text='Dog sound'),
        'CAT_SOUND': ConstanceConfigItem(default='meow', help_text='Cat sound'),
        'fox_sound': ConstanceConfigItem(default=123, help_text='Fox sound', field_type=int),


If moving an existing variable to a Database Backed variable, you should keep the variable name as previously defined.

Nautobot app in the admin config


Do not store secrets in the constance_config; instead use Nautobot Secrets.