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Generic Views


In new development, rather than implementing these individual class-based views, you will typically want to use NautobotUIViewSet (or its component mixin classes) as it enables similar functionality with less boilerplate code required.

  • ObjectView - Retrieve a single object for display.
  • ObjectListView - List a series of objects.
  • ObjectEditView - Create or edit a single object.
  • ObjectDeleteView - Delete a single object.
  • BulkCreateView - Create new objects in bulk.
  • BulkDeleteView - Delete objects in bulk.
  • BulkEditView - Edit objects in bulk.

Removed in version 2.2.0

BulkImportView is deprecated as it's been replaced by a system Job; it will be removed from the code base in Nautobot 3.0 and should not be used in any new development in the interim.

Once you define a view by subclassing any of the above generic classes, you must register it in your as usual. There are a few things to be aware of here:

  • Reverse URL naming needs to follow a template of {modelname}_{method} where the model name is lowercased model class name from and method is the purpose of the view. E.g. _list, _add, _edit.
  • The default rendering context for the ObjectListView includes some standard action_buttons for interacting with the listed model. By default this view defines action_buttons = ("add", "import", "export"). The export and import actions are handled automatically by ObjectListView, but the add action needs a corresponding view in order to work. In other words, if you implement an ObjectListView and do not override its action_buttons, you must also implement and register the corresponding ObjectEditView.

If you do not need ObjectEditView for your particular model, as an alternative you can simply update your ObjectListView subclass to overload the action buttons. For example, action_buttons = ("import", "export") or if none are required action_buttons = ().