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Including Jobs

Apps can provide Jobs to take advantage of all the built-in functionality provided by that feature (user input forms, background execution, results logging and reporting, etc.).

By default, for each app, Nautobot looks for an iterable named jobs within a file. (This can be overridden by setting jobs to a custom value on the app's NautobotAppConfig.) A brief example is below; for more details on Job design and implementation, refer to the Jobs feature documentation.

from import Job, register_jobs

class CreateDevices(Job):

class DeviceConnectionsReport(Job):

class DeviceIPsReport(Job):

jobs = [CreateDevices, DeviceConnectionsReport, DeviceIPsReport]
Changed in version 2.0.0

You now must call register_jobs() from within your file when it is imported; any jobs not included in this call will not be available for Nautobot to schedule and execute.