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Virtual Machines

A virtual machine represents a virtual compute instance hosted within a cluster. Each VM must be assigned to exactly one cluster.

Like devices, each VM can be assigned a platform and/or functional role, and an operational status. The following statuses are available by default:

  • Active
  • Offline
  • Planned
  • Staged
  • Failed
  • Decommissioning

Additional fields are available for annotating the vCPU count, memory (GB), and disk (GB) allocated to each VM. Each VM may optionally be assigned to a tenant. Virtual machines may have virtual interfaces assigned to them, but do not support any physical component.

Changed in version 2.0.0

In Nautobot 1.x, it was not possible to delete an IPAddress or an VMInterface that was serving as the primary IP address (primary_ip4/primary_ip6) for a VirtualMachine. As of Nautobot 2.0, this is now permitted; doing so will clear out the VirtualMachine's corresponding primary IP value.

Added in version 2.2.0

The Software Version model has been introduced to represent the software version that is currently installed on a virtual machine. An optional software version field has been added to virtual machines.