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Controller Managed Device Groups

A Controller Managed Device Group in Nautobot models the relationship between controllers and the devices they manage.

Each device can be assigned to only one Controller Managed Device Group through the Device.controller_managed_device_group field.

Similarly, each group is linked directly to a Controller via the ControllerManagedDeviceGroup.controller field. This link represents the control connection between the controller and the devices in the group.

Groups can be arranged in a hierarchical structure. The ControllerManagedDeviceGroup.parent field is used to depict this tree structure of the controlled devices. To organize child groups within a parent group, use the ControllerManagedDeviceGroup.weight field. All child groups must be assigned to the same controller as the parent group.

For more detailed information about model relations, please refer to the developer documentation.


  - name: campus
    controller: Panorama1
      - high_security
      - dal-fw01
      - chi-fw01
  - name: dc
    controller: Panorama1
      - medium_security
      - nyc-fw99
      - jcy-fw99