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The Role model represents a role that can be assigned to a device, rack, virtual machine, IP address, VLAN, or prefix. Each role is identified by a unique name and has a weight, color and content-types associated with it.

Role Basics

The value of a role field on a model (such as Device.role) will be represented as a nautobot.extras.models.Role object.

When created, a Role can be associated to one or more model content-types using a many-to-many relationship. The relationship to each model is referenced across all user interfaces using the {app_label}.{model} naming convention (e.g. dcim.device).

Roles may be managed by navigating to Organization > Roles in the navigation menu.

Importing Objects with a role Field

When using CSV import to reference a role field on an object, the field is used.

Visit role-internals to learn more about working with role as a developer.