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Utilizing Nautobot Generic Views

Added in version 1.1.0

Via PR #14, some generic views have been exposed to help aid in App development. These views have some requirements that must be in place in order to work. These can be used by importing them from from nautobot.core.views import generic.

More documentation and examples can be found in Generic Views guide.

Note URL Endpoint

Added in version 1.4.0

Models that inherit from PrimaryModel and OrganizationalModel can have notes associated. In order to utilize this new feature you will need to add the endpoint to Here is an option to be able to support both 1.4+ and older versions of Nautobot:


This is only necessary if you are not using NautobotUIViewSet & NautobotUIViewSetRouter and wish to include Notes functionality.

urlpatterns = [
    path('random/', views.RandomAnimalView.as_view(), name='random_animal'),

    from nautobot.extras.views import ObjectNotesView
            kwargs={"model": Random},
except ImportError: