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Replacing Views

Added in version 1.4.0

You may override any of the core or app views by providing an override_views dict in an app's file.

To override a view, you must specify the view's fully qualified name as the dict key which consists of the app name followed by the view's name separated by a colon, for instance dcim:device. The dict value should be the overriding view function.

A simple example to override the device detail view:

from django.shortcuts import HttpResponse
from django.views import generic

from nautobot.apps.views import ObjectPermissionRequiredMixin

class DeviceViewOverride(ObjectPermissionRequiredMixin, generic.View):
    def get_required_permission(self):
        return "dcim.view_device"

    def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
        return HttpResponse(("Hello world! I'm a view which "
                             "overrides the device object detail view."))

override_views = {
    "dcim:device": DeviceViewOverride.as_view(),