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Palo Alto Panorama Chat Commands

/panorama Command

Interact with Palo Alto Panorama by utilizing the following sub-commands:

Command Arguments Description
get_devices Get information about connected devices from Panorama.
get_devicegroups Get information about DeviceGroups and their associated devices from Panorama.
validate_rule_exists [device] [src_ip] [dst_ip] [protocol] [dst_port] Verify that the rule exists within a device, via Panorama.
get_version Obtain software version information for Panorama.
upload_software [device] [version] Upload software to specified Palo Alto device.
install_software [device] [version] Install software to specified Palo Alto device.
get_device_rules [device] Get list of firewall rules with details.
export_device_rules [device] Generate list of firewall rules with details in CSV format.
capture_traffic [device] [snet] [dnet] [dport] [intf_name] [ip_proto] [stage] [capture_seconds] Capture IP traffic on PANOS Device.


All sub-commands are intended to be used with the /panorama prefix.



Validate Rule Exists Success

Validate Rule Exists Failure

Upload Software

Capture Traffic Filter

Capture Traffic

Get Devices

Get Device Groups

Get Device Rules