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Cisco Meraki Integration Setup

This guide will walk you through steps to set up Cisco Meraki integration with the nautobot_chatops App.


Before configuring the integration, please ensure the following:

Command Setup

Create a top-level command named meraki in your enabled chat platform. For detailed instructions related to your specific chat platform, refer to the platform specific set up.


You must define the following values in your file:

Configuration Setting Mandatory? Default Available on Admin Config
enable_meraki Yes False Yes
meraki_dashboard_api_key Yes No

Below is an example snippet from development/ that demonstrates how to enable and configure Cisco Meraki integration:

PLUGINS = ["nautobot_chatops"]

    "nautobot_chatops": {
        "enable_meraki": True,
        "meraki_dashboard_api_key": os.environ.get("MERAKI_API_KEY"),

The alternative option is to set the environmental variable:

  • MERAKI_DASHBOARD_API_KEY: Is set to the dashboard API key.

Upgrading from nautobot-plugin-chatops-meraki App


When upgrading from nautobot-plugin-chatops-meraki App, it's necessary to avoid conflicts.

  • Uninstall the old App:
    pip uninstall nautobot-plugin-chatops-meraki
  • Upgrade the App with required extras:
    pip install --upgrade nautobot-chatops[meraki]
  • Fix by removing nautobot_plugin_chatops_meraki from PLUGINS and merging App configuration into nautobot_chatops:
    PLUGINS = [
        # "nautobot_plugin_chatops_meraki"  # REMOVE THIS LINE
        # "nautobot_plugin_chatops_meraki": {  REMOVE THIS APP CONFIGURATION
        #     "meraki_dashboard_api_key": <API KEY>  # MOVE THIS LINE TO `nautobot_chatops` SECTION
        # }
        "nautobot_chatops": {
            # Enable Cisco Meraki integration
            "enable_meraki": True,
            # Following line is moved from `nautobot_plugin_chatops_meraki`
            "meraki_dashboard_api_key": os.environ.get("MERAKI_API_KEY"),