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Arista CloudVision Chat Commands

/cloudvision Command

Interact with Arista CloudVision by utilizing the following sub-commands:

Command Arguments Description
get-devices-in-container [container_name] Get a list of devices in a Cloudvision container.
get-configlet [configlet_name] Get configuration of a specified configlet.
get-device-configuration [device_name] Get running configuration of a specified device.
get-task-logs [task_id] Get logs of a specified task.
get-applied-configlets [filter_type] [filter_value] Get configlets applied to either a device or a container.
get-active-events [filter_type] [filter_value] [start_time] [end_time] Get active events with specified criteria.
get-tags [device_name] Get system or user tags assigned to a device.
get-device-cve [device_name] Get CVEs Cloudvision has found for a device or a list of all devices with CVEs.


All sub-commands are intended to be used with the /cloudvision prefix.