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Mattermost Setup

Configuration Setting Mandatory? Default Available on Admin Config
enable_mattermost Yes False Yes
mattermost_api_token Yes -- No
mattermost_url Yes -- No
  1. Login to your instance of Mattermost and select Integrations, then click Bot Accounts.
  2. Enter the bot username, icon, Display name and Description.
  3. Choose the Role for the bot. In order to use Ephemeral posts, you need to choose System Admin.
  4. Configure the displayed Access Token string as the mattermost_api_token in your .creds.env file or directly in the PLUGINS_CONFIG section of It can't be recovered later, so if you lose it you'll need to log in and regenerate a new token.
  5. Go back to Integrations, then click Slash Commands.
  6. Click Add Slash Command, filling out the Title, Description, Command Trigger Word
  7. Set the Request URL to https://<server>/api/plugins/chatops/mattermost/slash_command/
  8. Click Save.
  9. Configure the displayed Token following the guide for Add Command Token to database below.
  10. The Command will be Command Trigger Word from step 3.
  11. Use the token displayed from step 3; you can access this token from Mattermost at any time.
  12. Configure mattermost_url with the URL for your Mattermost instance.
  13. To get this from within the client go to the Server Management:
    • From Windows file - settings
    • From Mac Mattermost - preferences
  14. Copy the displayed url matching the Server you want to add the chatbot to.
    • Make sure to include the http:// or https://.
    • If shown, make sure to include the port. Ex.
  15. Proceed to the Install Guide section.

Note: For every Slash Command created for Mattermost, a separate token will be generated.

Add Command Token to Database

Nautobot provides an HTTP endpoint(s) for each supported chat platform. These endpoints implement authentication to prevent arbitrary HTTP requests from being accepted. Some platforms this signing_secret is valid for all commands, other platforms, such as Mattermost, create a separate token for every slash command. Keeping the records for Mattermost tokens in the .creds.env file would not be sustainable.

To solve this issue, the app has the option to store Command Tokens to the Nautobot Database. In Nautobot, open Nautobot and go to the Plugins and select Command Tokens. Below is an example to get you started.

Example: Adding tokens for Mattermost

Here is an example that supports Mattermost.

Platform Comment Token
Mattermost nautobot x0xb5hj5ga5tge
Mattermost clear x7g7ag9ohkafbe

Note: The Comment field is optional and used to help the user when there are multiple tokens.

General Chat Setup Instructions

See admin_install instructions here for general app setup instructions.