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Frequently Asked Questions

"This app responded with Status Code 404" error returned while picking a filter from a slash command

If a 404 error is being returned while trying to use a slash command that allows for filtering, there is most likely a typo within the Interactivity Request URL for your application.

  • Navigate to and select your Nautobot ChatOps application that is currently in development
  • Under Features, navigate to "Interactivity & Shortcuts"
  • Under Interactivity, confirm that the Request URL is of the format: https://<server>/api/plugins/chatops/slack/interaction/ (Note the trailing slash)

Can I interact with Nautobot within a Slack thread?

Slack does not currently support using slash commands within a conversation thread. Nautobot can be mentioned in a thread and will parse the text after the bot's name for a command.

For example, if you want to run the slash command /nautobot get-devices site site-a, the equivalent bot mention command would be (assuming your bot name is @nautobot) @nautobot nautobot get-devices site site-a.

The Chat Commands do not allow me to select locations/devices/interfaces/etc

Nautobot ChatOps now uses your Nautobot user permissions in order to process commands. Please link your Chat Account with your Nautobot Account.