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Grafana Chat Commands

/grafana Command

Interact with Grafana by utilizing the following sub-commands:

Command Arguments Description
get-aps [APIC] [tenant] Display Application Profiles configured for a given tenant.
get-bds [APIC] [tenant] Show configured Bridge Domains for a given tenant.
get-controllers [APIC] Display all APIC controllers.
get-epg-details [APIC] [tenant] [ap] [epg] Show details for a specific Endpoint Group.
get-epgs [APIC] [tenant] [ap] Display Endpoint Groups (EPGs) for a specific Application Profile.
get-interfaces [APIC] [pod-id] [node-id] [state] Show interfaces on a specific node.
get-nodes [APIC] Show all fabric nodes.
get-pending-nodes [APIC] Display any unregistered nodes.
get-tenants [APIC] Display configured tenants.
get-vrfs [APIC] [tenant] Display configured VRFs for a given tenant.
register-node [APIC] [serial-nbr] [node-id] [name] Register a new fabric node.


All sub-commands are intended to be used with the /grafana prefix.