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Cisco NSO Integration Setup

This guide will walk you through steps to set up Cisco NSO integration with the nautobot_chatops App.


Before configuring the integration, please ensure the following:

  • nautobot-chatops App was installed.
    pip install nautobot-chatops
  • nautobot-chatops App is set up with at least one enabled chat platform and tested.
  • Cisco NSO application installed and configured.

Command Setup

Create a top-level command named nso in your enabled chat platform. For detailed instructions related to your specific chat platform, refer to the platform specific set up.


You must define the following values in your file:

Configuration Setting Mandatory? Default Notes Available on Admin Config
enable_nso Yes False Enable Cisco NSO integration. Yes
nso_url Yes Base url that the Cisco NSO application is hosted at. No
nso_username Yes Cisco NSO username. No
nso_password Yes Cisco NSO password. No
nso_request_timeout 60 Timeout of the API request to Cisco NSO. No

Below is an example snippet from development/ that demonstrates how to enable and configure Cisco NSO integration:

PLUGINS = ["nautobot_chatops"]

    "nautobot_chatops": {
        "enable_nso": True,
        "nso_url": os.environ.get("NSO_URL"),
        "nso_username": os.environ.get("NSO_USERNAME"),
        "nso_password": os.environ.get("NSO_PASSWORD"),
        "nso_request_timeout": os.environ.get("NSO_REQUEST_TIMEOUT", 60),

Computed Fields

Optionally, a computed field might be created to display NSO status on a device details page. Please note, that it might delay the page load depending on NSO response time.

Add a new computed field Computed fields list Device details 1 Device details 2