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Nautobot Helm Chart Version 2.x

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.0.0 - 2023-04-18


  • Added the ability to create additional endpoints for scaling out, for example /api requests can now have their own deployments see Values.nautobots and the Additional Nautobots page.
  • Added the ability to deploy additional celery workers to listen on additional queues see Values.workers and the Celery Queues page
  • Added optional RabbitMQ support for Celery Task Queueing
  • Added the ability to create an nginx deployment exclusively for /static files. See the documentation here.
  • Added the ability to run a single Job for Nautobot post_install tasks in certain scenarios. See the documentation here.
  • Added support for Nginx (nautobot.nginx.enabled) as a proxy to Nautobot (deployed as a sidecar)
  • Added support for Nginx exporters (metrics.nginxExporter.enabled)
  • Added support for UWSGI exporters (metrics.uwsgiExporter.enabled)
  • 191 Added Observability for Celery Workers
  • Added the ability to specify automountServiceAccountToken on the ServiceAccount


  • Docs on the official Nautobot Docs site!
  • Default database engine now accounts for METRICS_ENABLED
  • Moved Nautobot post-upgrade task to a separate init container
  • Nautobot Version 1.5.17
  • Upgraded Bitnami common subchart from 1.14.1 to 2.2.4
  • Upgraded Mariadb subchart from 10.5.1 to 11.5.6
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL subchart from 10.16.2 to 12.2.8
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL-HA subchart from 8.6.13 to 11.2.1
  • Upgraded Redis subchart from 16.10.1 to 17.9.3
  • Updated JSON Schema to utilize external schemas where appropriate


  • The Values.celeryWorker has been deprecated and moved to Values.workers.default
  • The Values.celeryBeat has been deprecated and moved to Values.workers.beat