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This section describes how to install Nautobot helm-charts for development, how to run tests and make sure you are a good contributor.


  • main - Reserved for the current release
  • develop - Ready to release code, bases for new PRs, typically the next minor or patch release
  • next - Reserved for development of the next major release
  • gh-pages - Reserved to host the chart repository using GitHub Pages
  • <feature> - Individual feature branches, should be PR'd to develop.


This project utilizes Semver versioning. As part of PRs the maintainers should carefully increment version numbers in each chart's respective Chart.yaml.

Installing dependencies for local development

The following dependencies are required for development, their installation is outside the scope of this document.

Local Development

Pre-commit is used heavily by this project to speed up and standardize development. Pre-commit will perform linting, docs updates, and testing for you. To run all checks/tests run:

pre-commit run -av

In some cases, such as documentation updates pre-commit will actually make the docs changes for you so it's possible to run the command above 1 time, it will fail because an update was necessary, but on subsequent runs, it will succeed.

Before pushing any code the pre-commit tests should all pass locally, these tests will again be run by the CI process and will prevent CI from succeeding.


Pre-commit runs several built-in hooks for linting tasks such as:

  • check-case-conflict - Check for files that would conflict in case-insensitive file systems.
  • check-json - This hook checks json files for parsable syntax.
  • check-yaml - This hook checks yaml files for parsable syntax.
  • check-merge-conflict - Check for files that contain merge conflict strings.
  • end-of-file-fixer - Ensures that a file is either empty or ends with one newline.
  • fix-byte-order-marker - removes UTF-8 byte order marker.
  • mixed-line-ending - Replaces or checks mixed line ending.
  • pretty-format-json - This hook sets a standard for formatting JSON files.
  • trailing-whitespace - This hook trims trailing whitespace.

Some other generic linting from Lucas-C:

  • remove-crlf - Removes carriage return followed by a line feed to keep all files in Unix style format.
  • remove-tabs - Removes tabs to keep all spacing using standard spaces.

Project specific linting includes:

  • helm_lint - Performs basic helm linting as well as schema validation with values.schema.json. The JSON schema is also validated at runtime when a user attempts to deploy the chart.
  • yamllint - Runs yamllint based on the .yamllint configuration in the root of the repo.
  • markdownlint - Checks all *.md files for common markdown mistakes based on the .mdlrc and .mdl.rb files
  • cspell - Spell Checking uses a local dictionary cSpell_dict.txt

To run a single check from the above list run:

pre-commit run -av {check name}

Security Scanning

For security scanning we utilize both:

These tools can be run locally and are also run as part of the CI pipeline to validate the security posture of the helm charts.

Helm tests

Coming soon...


Each chart in this repo uses helm-docs to generate the for the individual charts.

Pre-commit runs helm-docs, this uses the annotations in values.yaml plus the to generate the documentation for the Helm chart. This ensures all of the configuration options are documented correctly.

To update the files for a chart you can run helm-docs directly or use pre-commit:



pre-commit run -av helm-docs

The official docs site is built using mkdocs from the /docs folder in the root of the repo. To preview the docs you can run:

invoke docs

or if you don't have invoke installed simply run:

mkdocs serve -v