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Comparing Helm Templates

If you would like to compare any deltas between 1 version of the helm chart and another or just exactly what a certain value changes you can run the following:

Get Values

If you don't have a values.yaml file handy or you would like to use a deployed helm chart, get the values from a live deployment:

helm get values nautobot -o yaml > values.yaml


To list available helm chart versions run helm search repo nautobot --versions --devel

Template Source

Generate the templates from the source version:

helm template nautobot/nautobot --version 1.3.1 -f ~/values.yaml > source.yaml

Template Destination

Generate the templates from the destination version:

helm template nautobot/nautobot --version 1.3.14 -f ~/values.yaml > destination.yaml

You can use the local repo as well:

helm template charts/nautobot -f ~/values.yaml > destination.yaml


Use your favorite diff utility to compare source.yaml and destination.yaml. You can also use the --output-dir source and --output-dir destination to output the templates in multiple directories if you would like.