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MySQL Support


MySQL support is not heavily tested by the Nautobot team and community. Also there have been issues reported that are unique to MariaDB vs MySQL, while these have been addressed by the Nautobot team, please be aware MariaDB is not 100% MySQL.

MySQL support was added in Nautobot 1.1.0 and is optionally supported with this helm chart. This support is provided by the Bitnami MariaDB chart. To enable MariaDB use the following values:

  enabled: false
  enabled: true
    password: "change-me"

MariaDB supports an existing secret as well:

    existingSecret: "my-secret"

Use existing secret for password details (auth.rootPassword, auth.password, auth.replicationPassword will be ignored and picked up from this secret). The secret has to contain the keys mariadb-root-password, mariadb-replication-password and mariadb-password