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Recommended Production Values

These are some pointers to running Nautobot in a production environment:

  • Use Highly Available PostgreSQL, while this chart does provide the ability to do this it is strongly recommended to take advantage of a cloud provider's offering where possible.
  • Use Highly Available Redis, today the supported method is to use Redis Sentinel, however cloud providers don't currently provide a Sentinel offering.
  • If you are deploying either PostgreSQL HA or Redis Sentinel, it is recommended to deploy those charts separately simply to avoid dependency confusion and management in the future.
  • Use existing secrets rather than deploying them with helm.

When deploying this chart in production, it is recommended to set or at least be aware of the following values:

  replicaCount: 2  # In production this should be >= 2
  metrics: true
  secretKey: ""  # In a production system this value should be recorded and used when restoring the DB if necessary
    enabled: false  # In production a superuser should be created manually
      value: "Production"
    replicaCount: 2  # In production this should be >= 2
  enabled: true  # Consider utilizing an external HA database rather than the built-in database
    password: "change-me"
  enabled: true  # Consider utilizing an external HA redis rather than the built-in redis
    password: "change-me"

PostgreSQL HA and Redis Sentinel should be considered when deploying in production, however, support for these services within this helm chart are in early alpha/beta stages, use cautiously.