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Release Checklist

This document is intended for Nautobot Helm Chart maintainers and covers the steps to perform when releasing new versions.


Path Version Bumps (0.0.x)

Minor version bumps are intended for minor bug fixes or documentation changes which will not impact the method of deployment (deployed values).

Minor Version Bumps (0.x.0)

App version changes (assuming there are no significant upstream changes) and new features should come with a minor version bump, these changes can add to values.yaml but should not change the current method of deployment.

Major Version Bumps (x.0.0)

Major version bumps are intended for breaking changes, and changes which will impact the current method of deployment. Major upstream version changes should also come in a major version.

Update Requirements

All Releases

Verify CI Build Status

Ensure that continuous integration testing on the develop branch is completing successfully.

Bump the Version

Update the version and appVersion (and the image tag in the annotation) in the corresponding Chart.yaml file. Be sure to set the annotation "true" if the chart is a pre-release version.

Check the dependencies

Check the chart dependencies in Chart.yaml to ensure we are using the latest. On minor or major releases use helm dependency update charts/nautobot to update the helm dependencies.

Update the README

If necessary add to the Upgrading section to provide instructions on migrating to the new version.

Update the annotations

Artifact hub provides several annotations which can be added to the Chart.yaml. Annotations which may change per release are:


Update the Changelog

Update the release notes for the new version and commit these changes to the develop branch.


The changelog must adhere to the Keep a Changelog style guide.

Submit a Pull Request

Submit a pull request title "Release vX.Y.Z" to merge the develop branch into main. Copy the documented release notes into the pull request's body.

Once CI has completed on the PR, merge it.

Create a New Release

Draft a new release with the following parameters.

  • Tag: Current version (e.g. v2.0.0)
  • Target: main
  • Title: Version and date (e.g. v2.0.0 - 2023-04-18)

Copy the description from the pull request to the release.


Once the release has been created the GitHub Action defined in release-chart.yaml will run. This will generate the correct packaging and publish the chart via GitHub pages in the gh-pages branch.