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Navigating Compliance Using Structured Data

JSON based compliance provides a mechanism to understand device configurations stored in JSON format and compare between them.


  • The Compliance Rule need to be defined as JSON config-type.
  • When creating Compliance Rules with the config type of JSON, the config to match field is used to specify individual top-level JSON keys, or it can be left blank to compare all keys.
  • Uses Git repositories for backup and intended configurations.

Quick Start Guide

  1. First, the compliance feature needs to be created, the feature name needs to be unique for a Platform and can not be shared between CLI and JSON types.

Example Feature Creation

  1. Link the feature that was just created to a rule definition.

Example Rule Creation

  1. Now that the definitions are created and the rule is created and mapped to a Platform, execute compliance job under Jobs.

  2. Verify the compliance results

In the navigation menu: Golden Config -> Configuration Compliance.

Example Compliance Run in UI

With the detailed view:

Example Compliance Run in UI Detail

Example of a Non-Compliant rule:

Example Non-Compliant Run in UI Detail

Example of Diff Icon

Seeing the diff button alone will only show up for devices using JSON compliance rules.

Show Updated Overview

The detailed diff view will show a side by side diff, this looks the same as the CLI view.

Detail Diff View