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Installing the App in Nautobot

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to install and configure the App within your Nautobot environment.


  • The app is compatible with Nautobot 2.0.0 and higher.
  • Databases supported: PostgreSQL, MySQL


Please check the dedicated page for a full compatibility matrix and the deprecation policy.

Access Requirements

You will need access to an email account that receives provider maintenance notifications.

Install Guide


Apps can be installed manually or using Python's pip. See the nautobot documentation for more details. The pip package name for this app is nautobot-circuit-maintenance.

The app is available as a Python package via PyPI and can be installed with pip:

pip install nautobot-circuit-maintenance

To ensure Circuit Maintenance is automatically re-installed during future upgrades, create a file named local_requirements.txt (if not already existing) in the Nautobot root directory (alongside requirements.txt) and list the nautobot-circuit-maintenance package:

echo nautobot-circuit-maintenance >> local_requirements.txt

Once installed, the app needs to be enabled in your Nautobot configuration. The following block of code below shows the additional configuration required to be added to your file:

  • Append "nautobot_circuit_maintenance" to the PLUGINS list.
  • Append the "nautobot_circuit_maintenance" dictionary to the PLUGINS_CONFIG dictionary and override any defaults.
# In your
PLUGINS = ["nautobot_circuit_maintenance"]

    "nautobot_circuit_maintenance": {
        "raw_notification_initial_days_since": 100,
        "raw_notification_size": 16384,
        "dashboard_n_days": 30,  # Defaults to 30 days in the configurations, change/override here
        "overlap_job_exclude_no_impact": False, # Exclude in job warnings the impact of `No-Impact`
        "notification_sources": [

Once the Nautobot configuration is updated, run the Post Upgrade command (nautobot-server post_upgrade) to run migrations and clear any cache:

nautobot-server post_upgrade

Then restart (if necessary) the Nautobot services which may include:

  • Nautobot
  • Nautobot Workers
  • Nautobot Scheduler
sudo systemctl restart nautobot nautobot-worker nautobot-scheduler

App Configuration

The app behavior can be controlled with the following list of settings:

  • raw_notification_initial_days_since: define how many days back the app will check for RawNotifications for each NotificationSource, in order to limit the number of notifications to be processed on the first run of the app. In subsequent runs, the last notification date will be used as the reference to limit. If not defined, it defaults to 7 days.
  • raw_notification_size: define how many bytes from a notification will be stored in the database to not store too big objects (maximum allowed is 16384 bytes). If not defined, it defaults to 8192 bytes.

The notification_sources have custom definition depending on the Source type, and are defined in the General Usage section.