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  • Chat Platform: A communication service (e.g., Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex).
  • Command: A particular instruction sent by users via the Chat Platform, which is then processed by an Integration.
  • Dispatcher: A class specific to the Chat Platform that processes incoming chat messages, executes commands, and sends results back to the Chat Platform.
  • Integration: A component that defines commands, handles data retrieval, and manipulation for specific tools or services (e.g., IP Fabric, AWX / Ansible Tower, Palo Alto Panorama, Grafana, Cisco ACI, Cisco Meraki, Arista CloudVision).
  • Platform View: A Django View designed to handle Chat Platform data.
  • Sub-command: An instruction that is nested within a Command.
  • Worker: A module within an Integration, designed to handle and process a Command, receiving data from Platform Views and returning results via a Dispatcher's generic API.