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Upgrading the App

Here you will find any steps necessary to upgrade the App in your Nautobot environment.

Upgrade Guide

When a new release comes out it may be necessary to run a migration of the database to account for any changes in the data models used by this Nautobot app. Execute the command nautobot-server post-upgrade within the runtime environment of your Nautobot installation after updating the nautobot-ssot package via pip.

Potential Apps Conflicts


If upgrading from versions prior to 1.4 of the nautobot-ssot app, note that it now incorporates features previously provided by individual apps.

Conflicting apps list:

  • nautobot_ssot_aci
  • nautobot_ssot_arista_cloudvision
  • nautobot_ssot_device42
  • nautobot_ssot_infoblox
  • nautobot_ssot_ipfabric
  • nautobot_ssot_servicenow

To prevent conflicts during nautobot-ssot upgrade:

  • Remove conflicting applications from the PLUGINS section in your Nautobot configuration before enabling the latest nautobot-ssot version.
  • Transfer the configuration for conflicting apps to the PLUGIN_CONFIG["nautobot_ssot"] section of your Nautobot configuration. See development/ for an example. Each integration set up guide contains a chapter with upgrade instructions.
  • Remove conflicting applications from your project's requirements.

These steps will help prevent issues during nautobot-ssot upgrades. Always back up your data and thoroughly test your configuration after these changes.


It's possible to allow conflicting apps to remain in PLUGINS during the upgrade process. You can specify the following environment variable to allow conflicting apps (see development/development.env for an example):


However, this is not recommended.


If conflicting apps remain in PLUGINS, the nautobot-ssot app will raise an exception during startup to prevent potential conflicts.