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ServiceNow SSoT Integration

This integration provides the ability to synchronize basic data from Nautobot into ServiceNow. Currently, the following data is mapped and synchronized:

  • Nautobot Manufacturer table to ServiceNow Company table
  • Nautobot DeviceType table to ServiceNow Hardware Product Model table
  • Nautobot Region and Site tables to ServiceNow Location table
  • Nautobot Device table to ServiceNow IP Switch table
  • Nautobot Interface table to ServiceNow Interface table


Once the integration is installed and configured, from the Nautobot SSoT dashboard view (/plugins/ssot/), ServiceNow will be shown as a Data Target. You can click the Sync button to access a form view from which you can run the Nautobot-to-ServiceNow synchronization Job. Running the job will redirect you to a Nautobot Job Result view, from which you can access the SSoT Sync Details view to see detailed information about the outcome of the sync Job.


Detail View

Results View