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ServiceNow Integration Setup

This guide will walk you through steps to set up ServiceNow integration with the nautobot_ssot app.


Before configuring the integration, please ensure, that nautobot-ssot app was installed with ServiceNow integration extra dependencies.

pip install nautobot-ssot[servicenow]


Integration behavior can be controlled with the following settings:

  • instance: The ServiceNow instance to point to (as in <instance>
  • username: Username to access this instance
  • password: Password to access this instance

There is also the option of omitting these settings from PLUGINS_CONFIG and instead defining them through the UI at /plugins/ssot-servicenow/config/ (reachable by navigating to Plugins > Installed Plugins then clicking the "gear" icon next to the Nautobot SSoT ServiceNow entry) using Nautobot's standard UI and secrets functionality.

If you configure the integration's settings in PLUGINS_CONFIG, those values will take precedence over any configuration in the UI.

Depending on the amount of data involved, and the performance of your ServiceNow instance, you may need to increase the Nautobot job execution time limits (CELERY_TASK_SOFT_TIME_LIMIT and CELERY_TASK_TIME_LIMIT) so that the job can execute to completion without timing out.

Below is an example snippet from that demonstrates how to enable and configure ServiceNow integration:

    "nautobot_ssot": {
        "enable_servicenow": True,
        "servicenow_instance": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_INSTANCE", ""),
        "servicenow_password": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_PASSWORD", ""),
        "servicenow_username": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_USERNAME", ""),


All integration settings are defined in the block above as an example. Only some will be needed as described below.

Upgrading from nautobot-plugin-ssot-servicenow App


When upgrading from nautobot-plugin-ssot-servicenow app, it's necessary to avoid conflicts.

  • Uninstall the old app:
    pip uninstall nautobot-plugin-ssot-servicenow
  • Upgrade the app with required extras:
    pip install --upgrade nautobot-ssot[servicenow]
  • Fix by removing nautobot_ssot_servicenow from PLUGINS and merging app configuration into nautobot_ssot:
    PLUGINS = [
        # "servicenow"  # REMOVE THIS LINE
        # "nautobot_ssot_servicenow": {  REMOVE THIS APP CONFIGURATION
        #     "instance": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_INSTANCE"),
        #     "username": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_USERNAME"),
        #     "password": os.getenv("SERVICENOW_PASSWORD"),
        # }
        "nautobot_ssot": {
            # Enable ServiceNow integration
            "enable_servicenow": True,
            # Following lines are moved from `nautobot_ssot_servicenow` and prefixed with `servicenow_`
            "servicenow_instance": "",
            "servicenow_password": "",
            "servicenow_username": "",


Configuration keys are prefixed with servicenow_.