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Upgrading the App

Upgrade Guide

This document is intended to provide an upgrade procedure for the Device Lifecycle Plugin within Nautobot. The most stable version of the plugin is available as a Python package in PyPI and can be upgraded using pip.

pip3 install --upgrade nautobot-device-lifecycle-mgmt


To ensure Nautobot Device Life Cycle Management plugin is automatically re-installed during future upgrades, check for a file named local_requirements.txt in the Nautobot root directory (alongside requirements.txt). The nautobot-plugin-device-lifecycle-mgmt package should be listed in it.

Run Post Upgrade Steps

Once the configuration has been updated, run the post migration script as the Nautobot user

nautobot-server post_upgrade

This should run migrations for the plugin to be ready for use.

Restart Nautobot Services

As a user account that has privileges to restart services, restart the Nautobot services

sudo systemctl restart nautobot nautobot-worker

If you are on Nautobot >= 1.1.0 and have the RQ worker continuing on, also restart the RQ worker service.

sudo systemctl restart nautobot-rq-worker


If you have multiple workers defined, you will need to restart each worker process. For example systemctl restart nautobot nautobot-worker@1 nautobot-worker@2 etc.