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Upgrading the App

Here you will find any steps necessary to upgrade the App in your Nautobot environment.

Upgrade Guide

When a new release comes out it may be necessary to run a migration of the database to account for any changes in the data models used by this app. Execute the command nautobot-server post-upgrade within the runtime environment of your Nautobot installation after updating the nautobot-device-lifecycle-mgmt package via pip.

pip3 install --upgrade nautobot-device-lifecycle-mgmt


To ensure Nautobot Device Life Cycle Management app is automatically re-installed during future upgrades, check for a file named local_requirements.txt in the Nautobot root directory (alongside requirements.txt). The nautobot-device-lifecycle-mgmt package should be listed in it.

Run Post Upgrade Steps

Once the configuration has been updated, run the post migration script as the Nautobot user

nautobot-server post_upgrade

This should run migrations for the app to be ready for use.

Restart Nautobot Services

As a user account that has privileges to restart services, restart the Nautobot services

sudo systemctl restart nautobot nautobot-worker

If you are on Nautobot >= 1.1.0 and have the RQ worker continuing on, also restart the RQ worker service.

sudo systemctl restart nautobot-rq-worker


If you have multiple workers defined, you will need to restart each worker process. For example systemctl restart nautobot nautobot-worker@1 nautobot-worker@2 etc.