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Using the App

This document describes common use-cases and scenarios for this App.

General Usage

The Nautobot Welcome Wizard includes a great dashboard to help you get started with Nautobot. One annoyance when using Nautobot is finding item dependencies only after you've filled out half a form. For example, when creating a device only to find out you need a device type. Then discovering you also need a manufacturer when trying to create the device type.

The Dashboard

This is where the Welcome Wizard Dashboard will help. It is a single location you can visit to find links to common dependencies. If a resource in Nautobot requires another it will be listed here. The Name column includes links to view a list of the associated resources. The Completed column will show if a resource has been created. The Ignored column allows the administrator (through the admin panel) tp mark a dependency as ignored if that resource that will be unused. Finally, the Actions column will have two button links. The first is a green plus which will take you to the resource creation form. The blue wizard hat will take you to the Import Wizard allowing you to import from a git repository.

Welcome Wizard

Completed Column

The Welcome Wizard automatically tracks the resources in Nautobot. For instance, once you add a Site to Nautobot, the column will update (upon page reload) to show as completed.

Dashboard with Completions

Ignored Column

Tracking fields that are ignored is done through the Nautobot Admin Panel. Head over to the user menu (top-right), then into the admin panel, and navigate to Merlin under the Nautobot Welcome Wizard heading.

Navigate to Merlin

Next choose the Merlin field you would like to change. You can click on the Name field to edit.

Select Merlin Field

Once selected, check the Ignored checkbox and then Save. In the example below, we are ignoring the RIRs.

Ignored Field

Navigate back to the Getting Started Dashboard to see that your field is marked as ignored.

Ignored Dashboard


The Welcome Wizard plugin comes packed with helpful middleware.

Homepage Banner

Upon loading the Nautobot Homepage, the Nautobot Welcome Wizard greets you with a message to help guide you to the dashboard.

Welcome Wizard Banner

Required Fields

The Welcome Wizard checks any Nautobot form for required fields. If a field is required and does not have at least one resource created for that field, it will add a message to the top of the page with a link to add the resource.

Middleware message x1

If multiple required fields have missing resources you will get a message for each missing item.

Middleware message x3

Use-cases and common workflows

For adding community defined Device Types and Manufacturers into Nautobot, check out the Import Wizard.

Welcome Wizard includes settings that are enabled by default to ease the user in setting up and syncing from a Git Repository Data Source.


Welcome Wizard Banner

Welcome Wizard Banner

Welcome Wizard Middleware

Welcome Wizard Middleware

Welcome Wizard Dashboard

Welcome Wizard Dashboard

Welcome Wizard Completions

Welcome Wizard Completions

Welcome Wizard Import Device Types

Welcome Wizard Import Device Types