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Contributing to the App

The project is packaged with a light development environment based on docker-compose to help with the local development of the project and to run tests.

The project is following Network to Code software development guidelines and is leveraging the following:

  • Python linting and formatting: black, pylint, bandit, flake8, and pydocstyle.
  • YAML linting is done with yamllint.
  • Django unit test to ensure the plugin is working properly.

Documentation is built using mkdocs. The Docker based development environment automatically starts a container hosting a live version of the documentation website on http://localhost:8001 that auto-refreshes when you make any changes to your local files.

Branching Policy

Nautobot Welcome Wizard follows the GitHub Flow with Develop being the source branch for contribution branches. Please create a fork of the repo and submit your PR to the Develop branch.

Submitting Pull Requests

  • It is recommended to open an issue before starting work on a pull request, and discuss your idea with the Nautobot maintainers before beginning work. This will help prevent wasting time on something that we might not be able to implement. When suggesting a new feature, also make sure it won't conflict with any work that's already in progress.

  • Once you've opened or identified an issue you'd like to work on, ask that it be assigned to you so that others are aware it's being worked on. A maintainer will then mark the issue as "accepted."

  • If you followed the project guidelines, have ample tests, code quality, you will first be acknowledged for your work. So, thank you in advance! After that, the PR will be quickly reviewed to ensure that it makes sense as a contribution to the project, and to gauge the work effort or issues with merging into current. If the effort required by the core team isn’t trivial, it’ll likely still be a few weeks before it gets thoroughly reviewed and merged, thus it won't be uncommon to move it to near term with a near-term label. It will just depend on the current backlog.

  • All code submissions should meet the following criteria (CI will enforce these checks):

  • Python syntax is valid
  • All unit tests pass successfully
  • PEP 8 compliance is enforced, with the exception that lines may be greater than 80 characters in length

Release Policy

Maintainers with write access to the repo will be able to create a new release. We follow SemVer for our versioning.

Please follow the Release Checklist when creating a release.