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Task Plugins

The only task plugin currently is the "dispatcher" plugin. This plugin dispatches to the more specific OS specific functions. To demonstrate the primary components of the code:

Dispatcher Sender

  • If exists check custom_dispatcher, for network_driver, if a custom_dispatcher is used but not found, fail immediately
  • Check for framework & driver f"nornir_nautobot.plugins.tasks.dispatcher.{network_driver}.{framework.title()}{network_driver_title}"
  • Check for default, e.g. f"nornir_nautobot.plugins.tasks.dispatcher.default.{framework.title()}Default"


Where framework is a library like netmiko or napalm and network_driver is the platform like cisco_ios or arista_eos.

This may seem like a lot, but it essentially can be broken down to:

  • If there is a custom_dispatcher, only use that
  • Check for the framework and network_driver
  • Check for the framework's default

For completeness here is the referenced code as of October 2023.

    custom_dispatcher = ""
    if kwargs.get("custom_dispatcher"):
        custom_dispatcher = kwargs["custom_dispatcher"]
        del kwargs["custom_dispatcher"]

    logger.debug(f"Dispatcher process started for {} ({})")

    network_driver =
    network_driver_title = snake_to_title_case(network_driver)
    framework_path = (
    framework_default_path = f"nornir_nautobot.plugins.tasks.dispatcher.default.{framework.title()}Default"

    if custom_dispatcher:
        driver_class = import_string(custom_dispatcher)
        checked_path = [custom_dispatcher]
    elif import_string(framework_path):
        driver_class = import_string(framework_path)
        checked_path = [framework_path]
        driver_class = import_string(framework_default_path)
        checked_path = [framework_path, framework_default_path]

    result =, *args, **kwargs)

Dispatcher Receiver

class NautobotNornirDriver:
    """Default collection of Nornir Tasks based on Napalm."""

    def get_config(cls, task: Task, backup_file: str, *args, **kwargs) -> Result:

Calling Dispatcher
    remove_lines=remove_regex_dict.get(obj.platform.network_driver, []),
    substitute_lines=replace_regex_dict.get(obj.platform.network_driver, []),

The dispatcher expects the two primary objects, the obj and logger objects. The obj object should be a Device model instance. The logger must conform to the standard Python logger, in that it should take is message as the first arg and allow a dictionary called extra.

Each task will raise a NornirNautobotException for known issues. Using a custom processor, the user can predict when it was an well known error.

Check Connectivity Configuration

The check connectivity receiver will send attempt to tcp ping the port based on the following order or precedence.

  • Prefer["tcp_port"] if is a valid integer
  • Prefer obj.get_config_context()["tcp_port"] if is a valid integer
  • Prefer cls.tcp_port, which by default is defined in DispatcherMixin as 22

In this code you can see how it is set.

class DispatcherMixin:

    tcp_port = 22

    def _get_tcp_port(cls, obj) -> str:
        custom_field ="tcp_port")
        if isinstance(custom_field, int):
            return custom_field
        config_context = obj.get_config_context().get("tcp_port")
        if isinstance(config_context, int):
            return config_context
        return cls.tcp_port

Environment Variables

Environment Variable Explanation
NORNIR_NAUTOBOT_REVERT_IN_SECONDS Amount in seconds to revert if a config based method fails.
NORNIR_NAUTOBOT_NETMIKO_ENABLE_DEFAULT Override the default(True) to not automatically call the enable function before running commands.