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This section describes how to install nornir_nautobot for development, how to run tests, and make sure you are a good contributor.


  • main - Reserved for current release
  • develop - Ready to release code, bases for new PRs
  • <feature> - Individual feature branches, should be PR'd to develop.

Python Versions

This leverages Python3.8 or later. All features will be tested against 3.8 - 3.11 versions of Python.


This project utilizes Semver versioning. As part of PRs the maintainers should leverage Poetry versioning to support the increase in version numbers. Reference Poetry Version Docs for more information on automatically adjusting the version.

Installing dependencies for local development

These steps are also required for using the examples as provided in the repository for demonstration purposes.

This repository uses poetry for dependency management and invoke for task execution. To see what invoke commands are available, issue the command invoke --list.

Follow these steps to set up your local development environment:

# Double check your version
$ python --version
Python 3.11.1
# Activate the Poetry environment, which will auto create the virtual environment related to the project
$ poetry shell
# Install project dependencies as well as development dependencies
$ poetry install

When you install dependencies via Poetry you will get invoke as part of the process.

Running tests locally

Docker images are available to provide a consistent development environment from one machine to another. The best practice recommendation is to execute two steps to test:

  1. Build Docker container image (invoke build)
  2. Execute test environment (invoke tests)
  3. You can execute individual tests as well by looking at the tests with the command invoke --list

Build Docker container image

Invoke tasks have a task to help build the containers. Executing the task with invoke build will build the Docker image for testing.

Execute tests

The Invoke task to execute the tests are then invoke tests. This will execute all of the linting and pytest functions on the code.


All tests should be located within the tests\ directory with tests\unit for the unit tests. Integration tests should be in the tests\integration directory.

Testing - Required

The following linting tasks are required:

  • Bandit
  • Basic security tests, should be run on Python3.11
  • Black code style
  • Code formatting with version 20.8b1. There are some differences in the format between versions 19 and 20.
  • Flake8
  • Black vs Flake conflicts: When conflicts arise between Black and Flake8, Black should win and Flake8 should be configured as such
  • Pydocstyle
  • Pylint
  • Yamllint

Tests - Interim

In the interim while the primary project is still in private access, any execution environments (pynautobot or Nautobot itself) should be packaged and stored in tests\packages for independent installation until the public images are available.