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Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done to provide customization in the import process?

It's possible to customize the importer by registering a module containing a setup function. Such a function is called with a NetBoxAdapter instance as the first argument after the default setup is complete.

The function should be registered in your app's root my_app/ file, as follows:

from nautobot_netbox_importer.utils import register_generator_setup


The function should be defined in the my_app/ file as follows:

"""Customize NetBox Importer setup."""

def setup(adapter):
    """Customize NetBox Importer setup."""
            "my_netbox_field": "my_nautobot_field",

importer can be replaced with any other name, but it has to be the same in both files.

Please consult the developer FAQ for more details on how to define deviations from the default import process.