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This project packages together custom rules for the pylint Python linter. These rules are meant to aid developers within the Nautobot ecosystem (i.e. core application, plugins/apps, jobs etc.) by highlighting good practices, unwanted coding patterns, or outright errors when migrating code between major releases of Nautobot (which have backwards incompatible changes).

Audience (User Personas) - Who should use this project?

Nautobot ecosystem developers and maintainers can add these rules to their development environment and CI pipelines.

Usage in an Existing Project

pylint-nautobot is published on PyPI and can be installed with any of the usual Python packaging tools (e.g. pip, poetry etc.).


Currently we only support providing plugin configuration via pyproject.toml.

To add pylint-nautobot to an existing project, first add it as a "dev" dependency via poetry:

> poetry add pylint-nautobot --group dev

pylint-nautobot is a pylint plugin, so you need to enable in its respective pyproject.toml section (add it to the comma-separated list if there's already others in place):


Then, add a configuration section for pylint-nautobot itself, which dynamically enables or disables rules based on the target supported Nautobot version(s) for your code:

supported_nautobot_versions = [


Here, you are telling pylint that you want all rules for Nautobot versions 1.x.y and 2.x.y to be checked.

Test whether the new rules are enabled by running the following (this is just a subset of the available rules):

> poetry run pylint --list-msgs-enabled | grep E42
  nb-replaced-device-role (E4211)
  nb-replaced-rack-role (E4212)
  nb-replaced-ipam-role (E4213)
  nb-replaced-region (E4214)
  nb-replaced-site (E4215)
  nb-replaced-aggregate (E4216)
  nb-code-location-utilities (E4251)

You can now run pylint within your project as you normally would and the additional rules will be automatically checked.

Viewing a rule's extended description

Sometimes the short name of the rule displayed in the output of pylint will not be enough to understand the problem:

nautobot_golden_config/ E4261: Uses bad parameter combination for TextField/CharField. (nb-string-field-blank-null)

All rules also have additional information that can be viewed with the --help-msg=rule-id command line parameter:

> poetry run pylint --help-msg=E4261
:nb-string-field-blank-null (E4261): *Uses bad parameter combination for TextField/CharField.*
  Don't use blank=true and null=true on TextField or CharField. It avoids
  confusion between a value of None and a value of "" potentially having
  different meanings. This message belongs to the nautobot-string-field-blank-
  null checker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask us questions! You can swing by the Network to Code Slack (channel #nautobot), sign up here if you don't have an account.