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Migrating to v2

While not a replacement of the Nautobot Migration guide these migration steps specifically for Nautobot Plugin Nornir are pretty straight forward, here is a quick overview with details information below.

  1. Ensure Platform.network_driver is set on every Platform object you have, in most circumstances running nautobot-server populate_platform_network_driver will take care of it.
  2. Remove any dispatcher_mapping settings you have in your settings, see Golden Config for alternative options.
  3. Configure your Location settings, if you do not want all locations becoming grouped with the allowed_location_types or denied_location_types settings.


Before you start, please note the nautobot-server populate_platform_network_driver command must be ran in Nautobot 1.6.2 -> 1.6.X as it will not work once on Nautobot 2.0.

Platform Network Driver

The Platform.slug has been replace by Nautobot's Platform.network_driver. The nice thing about this feature is it provides mappings to all of the major network library (or frameworks) such as Netmiko and NAPALM to properly map between the slightly different names each library provides, such as cisco_ios vs ios. However, that means that you must now provide the network_driver on the the Platform object.

While still on a Nautobot 1.6 instance, run the command nautobot-server populate_platform_network_driver, this will help map all of your Platform.slug's to Platform.network_driver. If there are any Platform's missed, you must go in and update the Platforms that will be used by Nautobot Plugin Nornir.

Dispatcher Settings

The dispatcher_mapping configuration has been removed. The use cases covered by it was:

  1. The default dispatcher does not support your vendor
  2. The default dispatcher uses a connectivity model (e.g. 443) that is not compatible with your environment
  3. The default dispatcher does not work for your older hardware
  4. The default dispatcher leverages a network_driver name you do not use

Use cases 2 & 4 are covered natively by nornir-nautobot now and for 1 & 3 nautobot-plugin-nornir does not actually directly call the dispatcher and should be pushed off to other systems, such as Golden Config. If you are using Golden Config and fit within use cases 1 & 3, please see Golden Config's documentation.


Golden Config provides the custom_dispatcher method, these settings should go to the nautobot_golden_config settings and NOT the nautobot_plugin_nornir settings.

Location Information

Previously there were inventory groups automatically created out of each Region and Site object, with moving everything to Location there will automatically be created groups by each of those. This may lead to odd cases in which always having every Location as a group is not desirable.

Take for instance, you have multiple Locations that are on "floor04" as an example perhaps nyc-floor04 and sfo-floor04, creating grouping in this case may create more confusion than help. For that reason, locations can be allowed or denied based on their LocationType. See the docs for more information on how to configure allowed_location_types or denied_location_types.