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Cookiecutter Templates for Creating Nautobot Apps

This repository houses Cookiecutter templates, designed to kick-start your Nautobot App development journey. Leveraging these templates allows for a standardized and rapid creation of Nautobot Apps, adhering to best practices and common structural paradigms.

About Nautobot Apps

A Nautobot App is a Django application designed to extend the functionality of Nautobot, an open-source Network Source of Truth and Automation Platform. By creating a Nautobot App, developers can introduce custom data models, views, templates, and REST API endpoints, enabling bespoke network management solutions and integrations. This modular approach fosters a flexible and scalable environment, allowing for a tailored experience in managing network resources and workflows.

About Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter is a command-line utility that simplifies the creation of new projects by generating them from predefined templates. These templates utilize the Jinja templating engine, allowing for dynamic content generation and customization. By providing a structured and consistent framework, Cookiecutter helps developers to avoid boilerplate code and to adhere to best practices right from the project's inception. The flexibility and power of Jinja under the hood enable Cookiecutter templates to encapsulate complex setups, making it a valuable tool for accelerating project initialization in various ecosystems.


The following templates are available:

  • nautobot-app - A template for creating a new Nautobot App.
  • nautobot-app-ssot - A template for creating a new Nautobot App that extends the capabilities of the Nautobot Single Source of Truth (SSoT) App. The Nautobot SSoT App facilitates integration and data synchronization between various "source of truth" (SoT) systems, with Nautobot acting as a central clearinghouse for data.
  • nautobot-app-chatops - A template for creating a new Nautobot App that extends the capabilities of the Nautobot ChatOps App. The Nautobot ChatOps App provides a multi-chat-vendor framework for developing chat bots for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, & Mattermost.

To find out which template version corresponds to which Nautobot version, please check out the Compatibility Matrix in the online documentation.

Usage with Cookiecutter

It's possible to use Cookiecutter directly without installing templates locally. To do so, set up your environment first.


  • Python with pip.
pip install cookiecutter
mkdir outputs

Then run the following command:

cookiecutter \
  --output-dir=./outputs \
  --directory=nautobot-app \