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v0.9 Release Notes

Release Overview

This version introduces PeerGroupAddressFamily and PeerEndpointAddressFamily data models to provide for more granular configuration modeling.


This version removes the import_policy, export_policy, and multipath attributes from the PeerGroupTemplate, PeerGroup, and PeerEndpoint models, as these are generally address-family-specific configuration attributes and are modeled as such now. No data migration is provided at this time (as there is no way to identify which AFI-SAFI any existing policy/multipath configs should be migrated to), and upgrading to this version will therefore necessarily result in data loss if you had previously populated these model fields. Back up your configuration or record this data in some other format before upgrading if appropriate.

Version 0.9.0


  • #26 - Adds PeerGroupAddressFamily and PeerEndpointAddressFamily data models.
  • #132 - Adds extra_attributes support to the AddressFamily model.


  • #132 - Removes import_policy, export_policy, and multipath attributes from PeerGroupTemplate, PeerGroup, and PeerEndpoint models. Use the equivalent fields on PeerGroupAddressFamily and PeerEndpointAddressFamily instead.


  • #126 - Updated development dependencies mkdocstrings and mkdocstrings-python to 0.22 and 1.4.0 respectively to address CI failures.

Version 0.9.1


  • #150 - Relaxed model validation of PeerEndpoint and PeerGroup to allow simultaneously setting source_ip and source_interface attributes.