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Job Results

Nautobot provides a generic data model for storing and reporting the results of background tasks, such as the execution of custom jobs or the synchronization of data from a Git repository.

Records of this type store the following data:

  • A reference to the type and name of the object or feature that the task was associated with
  • A reference to the user who initiated the task
  • The arguments that were passed to the task (allowing for later queuing of the task for re-execution if desired)
  • Timestamps indicating when the task was created and when it completed
  • An overall status such as "pending", "running", "errored", or "completed".
  • A block of structured data (often rendered as JSON); Any return values from the .run() and any test methods go to the key output. In addition any Job or plugin using the JobResult model can store arbitrary structured data here if needed. (Note that prior to Nautobot 1.2, job log records were stored in this field; they are now stored as distinct JobLogEntry records instead.)