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How you choose to employ sites when modeling your network may vary depending on the nature of your organization, but generally a site will equate to a building or campus. For example, a chain of banks might create a site to represent each of its branches, a site for its corporate headquarters, and two additional sites for its presence in two co-location facilities.

Each site must be assigned a unique name and operational status and may optionally be assigned to a region and/or tenant. The following operational statuses are available by default:

  • Planned
  • Staging
  • Active
  • Decommissioning
  • Retired

The site model also provides a facility ID field which can be used to annotate a facility ID (such as a data center name) associated with the site. Each site may also have an autonomous system (AS) number and time zone associated with it. (Time zones are provided by the pytz package.)

The site model also includes several fields for storing contact and address information as well as geo-location data (GPS coordinates).


In a future Nautobot release, sites may become just another Location Type, and the Site model may be collapsed into the Location model.