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Webex Setup

Configuration Setting Mandatory? Default
enable_webex Yes False
webex_token Yes --
webex_signing_secret Yes --
  1. Login to and select "Start building apps", then "Create a New App", then "Create a Bot".
  2. Enter the bot name, username, icon (you can use nautobot_logo.png from this directory), and description, and select "Add Bot"
  3. Configure the displayed Bot Access Token string as the webex_token in your .creds.env file. It can't be recovered later, so if you lose it you'll need to log in and regenerate a new token.
  4. Currently the bot does not automatically register its own webhooks (although this is a capability that WebEx provides, TODO?) so you'll need to set them up yourself.
  5. Go to
  6. For all of these API calls, be sure you deselect "Use personal access token" and instead specify the Bot Access Token string as the authorization instead.
  7. If desired, you can use to query for existing webhooks. There should be none if this is a new deployment.
  8. Use (again, with the bot access token) to create a new webhook with the following parameters:
    • name: "nautobot messages"
    • targetUrl: "https://\<server>/api/plugins/chatops/webex/"
    • resource: "messages"
    • event: "created"
    • secret: (enter a secret string that you don't mind having passed around as plaintext)
  9. Change the resource to "attachmentActions" and run the API call again to create a second webhook.
  10. Configure the webex_signing_secret in your .creds.env to match the Webhook secret string that you selected above.
  11. Proceed to the Install Guide section.

Deprecation Warning

As of Nautobot ChatOps Plugin v1.4.0, the PLUGIN_CONFIG settings for Webex has changed to align with the official renaming of Webex Teams to Webex:

  • enable_webex_teams is deprecated. Use enable_webex instead.
  • webex_teams_token is deprecated. Use webex_token instead.
  • webex_teams_signing_secret is deprecated. Use webex_signing_secret instead.

Both settings will currently work, however support for enable_webex_teams, webex_teams_token and webex_teams_signing_secret will be removed in v2.0.0.

General Chat Setup Instructions

See admin_install instructions here for general plugin setup instructions.